Sponsored studentships

As WIAMIS 2009 is now over, it is no longer possible to apply for studentships

The PetaMedia NoE will financially support the participation of three students to the WIAMIS workshop. Awards will be given up to a maximum amount (€700 max.) toward conference registration, air travel, and/or hotel accommodation in London.

Eligibility and selection criteria

Students who are authors on accepted WIAMIS papers are eligible to apply for a grant toward the cost of travel (transportation and hotel) and conference registration at WIAMIS. Awards will be made based upon demonstrated financial need, and preference will be given to first-author students.

The award process is entirely separate from the paper review and acceptance process and will occur after the technical review stage.

Application process

Applications must be submitted to Naeem Ramzan (naeem.ramzan@elec.qmul.ac.uk) before April 1st, 2009.

Required information includes:

  1. Applicant and advisor information, as well as a travel cost estimate:
    • Applicant's name and contact information (institution, mailing address, e-mail address, phone)
    • Faculty advisor's name and contact information
    • The submission number of the accepted paper
    • An indication of what support the applicant is requesting (airfare, hotel, and registration)
  2. A supporting letter from the faculty advisor. This letter should include:
    • A statement attesting that the student applicant performed a majority of the work described in the paper
    • An explanation of financial need
    • A statement confirming that if the student is accepted for grant he or she will produce a short report about WIAMIS 2009 for the PetaMedia NoE (the grant will be released after receiving the report from the student)

Selection process

A committee will review the applications, considering geographic diversity, financial need and preference will be given to students who are first authors on papers.